Top Five Green Building Retrofits You Should Shamelessly Copy

The Earth Rangers Centre is an advanced green building designed to embody Earth Rangers’ values, to show that we practice what we preach, and to serve as inspiration to everyone who walks through our doors. We host thousands of visitors every year and we often hear the same questions:
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Entrance at sunset

The Earth Rangers Centre, Practical Improvements to Achieve LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings

Andy Schonberger, the Director of the Earth Rangers Centre, outlines the process of how the Earth Rangers Centre successfully received LEED Platinum certification for Existing Buildings.
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A Building that Takes Teaching to the Next Level

Earth Rangers is the kids’ conservation organization. Our mission is to educate children about the importance of protecting animals and preserving the environment. Our headquarters, the Earth Rangers Centre, also allows us to educate a different audience – anyone designing, building,
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What does this cave have in common with an office building?

With the summer heat and humidity upon us, most homes and businesses rely heavily on air conditioning to stay cool. High temperatures are often accompanied by a humidex rating which indicates the effect of humidity on comfort levels. So how did people deal with these temperatures befo
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This Green Building is Making the Most of Solar

Summer is a favourite time of year for many, with vacation, pools, beaches, cottage country and spending time outside just a few of the many things we love about this season. This time of year is also near and dear to those with solar panels. It’s the time of year when solar generatio
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Your Green Building is Complete, Now What?

There are many ways to design a high performance green building including: active or passive systems, integrated smart controls or using simple architectural principles. However, regardless of how a green building is built, it will only perform if it is maintained and operated efficie
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Building Integration Infographic

Is this building smarter than you?

The Earth Rangers Centre is a smart building. The automation system controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and the operation of day to day systems of the building. It can turn on a light, open a door, heat or cool a room and provide additional fresh air.
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Water Conservation infographic

How to Recycle 1.7 Million Litres of Water Each Year

Water is a precious resource – only about 2.5% of the water on earth is fresh water that is suitable for drinking. To learn more about the Earth Rangers Centre sign up for our E-Newsletter below.
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