HVAC infographic

Sick of getting sick at work?

The Earth Rangers Centre is equipped with an incredibly efficient ventilation, cooling and heating system that circulates fresh air throughout the building through giant Earth Tubes.
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Explore One of the World’s Smartest Buildings

The Earth Rangers Centre is a global leader in energy efficiency and sustainable operations and is constantly evolving and improving systems and practices in order to remain at the forefront of green technology.
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How One Building is Making the Most of the Earth’s Water

It’s no secret that here at the Earth Rangers Centre (ERC) our goal is to reach an annual net-zero energy balance for the building – balancing our consumption of energy with on-site generation. However, green buildings do not focus solely on energy consumption, we look at water effici
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Spring Roof Maintenance

Spring is in full swing and that means rain. From April 1st to May 8th, we had 94.6mm of rain on the roof of the Earth Rangers Centre. A typical rainfall for this period is about 100mm, so no surprises this year. For the facility team, spring means checking the roofs drains and system
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Renewable Energy

Earth Rangers is the kid’s conservation organization.  We educate kids about protecting animals and their habitats, so it makes sense that we are constantly pushing to save energy with our building. In 2012, we operated the Earth Rangers Centre (ERC) at an energy conservation le
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Next steps to reach net-zero energy status

If you saw our last newsletter, you know we are working with CanMET ENERGY, a division of Natural Resources Canada, to further our energy conservation efforts. Our goal – to reach net-zero energy status.  What does that mean for us? Using our energy management information system we ca
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Peter Kendall in Oracle video

Earth Rangers featured on Oracle Media Network

Earth Rangers selected Oracle’s Pillar Axiom storage system to cost-effectively increase storage, improve power usage, and increase energy efficiency in its data center.
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2012 LEED platinum plaque

Earth Rangers Journey to LEED Platinum

We are excited to announce that Earth Rangers has achieved Platinum status under LEED for Existing Buildings, proving that the Earth Rangers Centre is among the most sustainable green buildings in Canada. Achieving LEED Platinum required collaborations with many innovative partners on
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