• Building Envelope

What is the Building Envelope?

The Building Envelope is what separates indoor, conditioned space from the outdoors. Components include windows, doors, insulation, siding, finishing, foundations and roofing. These components work together to keep interior spaces comfortable and healthy, while minimizing the need to heat, cool and ventilate.

How do we use it?

Our Building Envelope keeps heat in the building during the winter and out of the building during the summer months. It allows natural light into office spaces, minimizing the requirement for artificial lights. It also allows us to provide efficiently conditioned fresh air for office and animal tenants alike, with minimal energy input.

How does it make us more sustainable?

The combination of heavy insulation, heavy thermal mass concrete construction, efficient windows, green roofs, white roofs and tight sealing mean that our building uses almost 90% less energy than the model national energy code. Recycled tire roof shingles are used in our animal care areas, keeping old tires out of landfills.

Technologies enabling the Building Envelope system

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