Getting to Know Your Building Automation System

Energy breakdown visualization
I last discussed certification in the industry and the basic components of Building Automation Systems (BAS). Earth Rangers employs Schneider Electric’s brand of commercial BAS called Andover Continuum. (Figure 1) Much like the brain is the control center of the human body, the BAS at
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Top Five Green Building Retrofits You Should Shamelessly Copy

The Earth Rangers Centre is an advanced green building designed to embody Earth Rangers’ values, to show that we practice what we preach, and to serve as inspiration to everyone who walks through our doors. We host thousands of visitors every year and we often hear the same questions:
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Next steps to reach net-zero energy status

If you saw our last newsletter, you know we are working with CanMET ENERGY, a division of Natural Resources Canada, to further our energy conservation efforts. Our goal – to reach net-zero energy status.  What does that mean for us? Using our energy management information system we ca
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