Managing Your Green Building from Anywhere, Even the Beach

The Earth Rangers Centre is a testament to our commitment to the environment. Known for innovative technologies that target energy and water efficiency, the ERC is a building with many moving parts, sensors and sub-systems that need to be maintained and repaired. In a previous post, w
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Renewable Energy

Earth Rangers is the kid’s conservation organization.  We educate kids about protecting animals and their habitats, so it makes sense that we are constantly pushing to save energy with our building. In 2012, we operated the Earth Rangers Centre (ERC) at an energy conservation le
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Next steps to reach net-zero energy status

If you saw our last newsletter, you know we are working with CanMET ENERGY, a division of Natural Resources Canada, to further our energy conservation efforts. Our goal – to reach net-zero energy status.  What does that mean for us? Using our energy management information system we ca
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Our Energy Report Card

live data
This summer’s heat was handled efficiently at the ERC. How efficiently? We used the traditional refrigeration equipment for only 3 days the entire summer!  How did we accomplish this? By cooling directly with the ground and using the building automation system to ideally control
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2011 Energy Savings

Data visualization
The Earth Rangers Centre facility team had a target of 10% energy savings for the 2011 calendar year over 2010. The numbers are in, and we surpassed our goal! We achieved a 17.8% savings over 2010, despite an increase in heating requirements. This equates to 123,000 kWh, enough power
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