• Green office

What is a Green Office?

A Green Office is a healthy, comfortable, energy efficient space where employees can interact, collaborate and be productive. It is free of harmful chemicals, provides a connection to the outdoors and minimizes the consumption of resources while enabling day to day productivity.

How do we use it?

Our office is an open concept space predominantly lit by natural light. Work stations have waste diversion containers and access to couches in common areas for impromptu collaboration. It is operated with the highest air quality levels, is cleaned with EcoLogo certified cleaning products and tenants can participate in a carpool program.

How does it make us more sustainable?

Paying attention to the details in an office is important to maintain a healthy, productive, comfortable space. Buildings are built to house people performing tasks, requiring energy and resources. The reduction of harmful indoor air pollutants, product life cycle impact and lighting energy use ensures that the ERC contributes to employee and environmental health.

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