• Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy comes from sources whose supply is continuously regenerated by the sun. It does not require the burning of fossil fuels. Examples include directly harvesting the sun’s energy to heat water (solar thermal) or generate electricity (solar photovoltaic) or using wind or flowing water to turn a turbine and generator.

How do we use it?

A third of the electric power consumed by the Earth Rangers Centre annually is generated on-site through two solar photovoltaic arrays. Additional Renewable Energy is harvested through skylight mounted solar thermal panels to heat hot water. All of the power used at the Earth Rangers Centre comes from EcoLogo certified low-impact hydroelectric or wind power.

How does it make us more sustainable?

Renewable Energy, by definition, is inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels like natural gas or coal, which are finite resources. Using renewable energy avoids the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and helps prevent climate change.

Technologies enabling the Renewable Energy system

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