• Sustainable site

What makes a Sustainable Site?

Landscaping and hardscape design dramatically affect how a building integrates with its surroundings. Landscaping should be made up of local, drought hardy species that require little to no irrigation. Hardscapes such as driveways and sidewalks should manage storm water while keeping local temperatures as close to natural as possible.

How do we use it?

The ERC’s landscaping is all drought hardy species that are only watered to establish a new planting. All maintenance waste is composted, and no pesticides or fertilizers are required. Many of the materials chosen for hard surfaces are lightly coloured to reflect the sun’s energy. We have also taken steps to restore fields surrounding the ERC to their native grassland state through Project iRestore.

How does it make us more sustainable?

These strategies help minimize the impact of our building on the space surrounding the building, blurring the line between man-made construction and nature around us. Our efforts to naturalize and restore 30 acres of space around the ERC can be replicated in other habitats around the province.

Technologies enabling the Sustainable Site system



How does Landscaping contribute to a Sustainable Site? The choice of Landscaping features dramatically impacts how the building integrates with
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IRestore field


What is Project iRestore? Project iRestore is an engaging habitat restoration project involving invasive plant removal, biodiversity restoration
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