The Earth Rangers Centre is Showcased in Construction Canada

ERC animal wing
Andy Schonberger and Dr. Scott Tarof of Earth Rangers had an article published in the April edition of Construction Canada, showing the benefits realized by Earth Rangers as a result of its choice of concrete as a base building material, and the effect that that choice has on biodiver
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Earth Rangers Journey to LEED Platinum

2012 LEED platinum plaque
We are excited to announce that Earth Rangers has achieved Platinum status under LEED for Existing Buildings, proving that the Earth Rangers Centre is among the most sustainable green buildings in Canada. Achieving LEED Platinum required collaborations with many innovative partners on
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Greenbuild Expo

Greenbuild tour
We were happy to have had the opportunity this fall to participate on the trade show floor of the Greenbuild Expo, the worlds’ largest green building conference. Hundreds of delegates came to see how the partnership between Earth Rangers and Schneider Electric is helping to push
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LEED Update

Green technologies
We are awaiting Canada Green Building Council’s audit of our LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance submission. We look forward to achieving the Platinum level of certification in the near future and will keep you posted on our progress.
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2011 Energy Savings

Data visualization
The Earth Rangers Centre facility team had a target of 10% energy savings for the 2011 calendar year over 2010. The numbers are in, and we surpassed our goal! We achieved a 17.8% savings over 2010, despite an increase in heating requirements. This equates to 123,000 kWh, enough power
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LEED EB Platinum

LEED Platinum award
The Earth Rangers Centre, already LEED® for New Construction Gold Certified in 2006, is now certified Platinum under LEED® for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED® EB)! Scoring a total of 92 of a possible 110 points, the ERC is the highest scoring LEED® EB certified b
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BASF Helps to Reduce Environmental Impact via its Concrete Products

Concrete plays an integral role in heating, cooling and ventilation at the Earth Rangers Centre. In almost every space, concrete is visible. Radiantly heated and cooled slabs, earth tubes and the thermal mass construction of the building all rely on concrete as the base building mater
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Tire-Derived Products:Sustainable Materials Build Ontario’s Economy

Author: Andrew Horsman There was a time when the construction industry only cared about tires if it was a tire on a piece of equipment or truck was flat. Now recycled tire products are materials that help create a building, as the importance of sustainable building takes hold and scra
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