• Water Conservation

Why conserve water?

Drinking water is a precious resource, with only 2.5% of the water on earth fit to drink. Increasing pollution of surface and groundwater is reducing this supply of readily available, clean water. The average Canadian building uses 1,000 liters per year for every square meter of building space.

How do we conserve water?

Wherever possible, we use low flow fixtures, including aerators, pint-per-flush urinals and low consumption toilets. We recover the rain that hits our flat roof surfaces and treat all of the sewage we create on site. This water is used to flush toilets and urinals, for green roof irrigation and in janitor closets.

How does it make us more sustainable?

Our integrated water system ensures that we make the most of every liter of water that we take from our well. In 2012 we recycled 1.7 million liters of water, reducing our demand on the local water table by 67%. We used 90% less potable water in 2012 compared to the average Canadian building.

Technologies enabling the Water Conservation system

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